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Monte Argentario
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Monte Argentario probably originally an island then "anchored" to the Tyrrhenian coast from tomboli Feniglia and Giannella, formed by the accumulation of debris transported by rivers and the sea currents. The Monte Argentario is a promontory jutting into the Tyrrhenian Sea at the two southernmost islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, the island of Giglio and Giannutri.

The highly indented coastline, offers creeks and coves, rocky predominantly of great beauty from the naturalistic point of view. This is the context of the two countries, both in seafaring, which form the municipality of Monte Argentario, facing north is Porto Santo Stefano, Porto Ercole while, smaller, is aimed to the south

the sea and the beaches are a 25/30 km from Manciano
Ansedonia - Giannella - Capalbio - Feniglia are the beaches recommended by Villa Edera

Ansedonia an elegant seaside resort in the countryside. On top of the hill there are the picturesque ruins of the Roman colony of Cosa, down is one of the arms of the clearest sea of the coast. Perched on a rocky promontory overlooking the sea and the center of an area rich with history

 Porto Santo Stefano is located in a picturesque bay, with stunning mansions on the sides of the gulf and manicured gardens overlooking the sea, along the winding road that passes the guard towers is an excellent opportunity to admire the most beautiful landscapes of the Tuscan coast.

Porto Ercole is a little gem overlooking the Tuscan sea: Etruscan origins, became an important Roman port to service the nearby port of Cosa. The Spanish built the fortress and mighty forts of St. Catherine, St. Philip and the Star to complete a defensive strategy that yields Porto Ercole and the Argentario virtually impregnable.

Orbetello is one of the most singular of the Tuscan coast, collected on a narrow strip of land at the center of the lagoon of the same name and attached to the promontory of Argentario thanks to an artificial dam. Already bustling center for the Etruscans, who moored their boats sheltered in the bosom of the lagoon.

Talamone is located right on the edge of the Argentario promontory and is dominated by an imposing sixteenth-century fortress that stands on the sea. The depths some clear and teeming with fish attract every summer for scuba diving enthusiasts, but the tourist landing among the most comfortable of the Mediterranean, the picturesque fishermen's houses and the medieval castle of Telamon make a pleasant holiday center foruristi.

Capalbio is located on the round top of a hill, about 200 meters above sea level, and still retains the magic of ancient atmospheres: in the green, with the medieval old town intact, has the appearance of an ancient castle protected by massive walls , quiet and austere. One of the most beautiful stretches of sea of Tuscany is at your doorstep.