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pictures of the past

Maremma than once - with cowboy Maremma cattle and calves

Are Maremmano for generations, I love my land and through my tourist site I'm trying to make it known all over the world.

They visited the Maremma, in recent years, Finns, Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Czechs and Slovenes as well as Russian, American and Canadasi as well as Japan and Korea. Beyond French, Swiss, Germans, Dutch and many others.
A famous French journalist has published several articles in France by defining the Maremma "le dernier paradis"

The Maremma Tuscany, considered a great Natural History Museum, is rich in landscapes, culture, archeology (the Etruscans), of art, with the Baths, the clean sea, the enchanting beaches and its mountains, also you can appreciate the good and traditional local cuisine and delicacies. The mild climate throughout the year, always allows a pleasant and relaxing and you can enjoy the magic of the natural hot water (37 °) of the "Falls of Gorello" and the famous Terme di Saturnia.

The Tuscany offers such a variety of places, landscapes and atmospheres that is not easy to describe so briefly. When you come for the first time in Maremma, you immediately notice the softness of the hills and the landscape and the special light and color. The serenity of this landscape contaminates quickly doers of the law and this softness of living will not release more throughout your stay. You can then decide to discover the history of the still mysterious ancient Etruscan civilization that has marked this region an indelible impression, there you will run to the discovery of natural parks and their peace, the fine sandy beaches of Giannella and Ansedonia, the cliffs of Telamon , Porto Ercole and the Isola del Giglio. Finally, succumb to temptation tempting to discover the wine and gastronomic heritage of our area.

Every holiday you decide to go in Maremma will be different and will have a theme and a route and each time you will let your feelings lead by the moment. In addition to magical places there are also the inhabitants of the Maremma that make this atmosphere so special. Last but also sincere and jovial, the people of the Maremma will accompany you during your stay. They will make you feel "at home", without hypocrisy mask of any kind, in a place where you always wanted to live.

The Tuscan Maremma can be recognized for the wilderness and a sky always clear which expands to the sea in a spectacular continuity. This sky is a counterpoint to the yellow gorse, the Pompeian red of the roof tiles and ocher of the tuff.
Land of brigandage between Grosseto and Viterbo, agrarian reforms aimed at the overall redevelopment of the estates, the stories of cowboys committed to the preservation of the Maremma breed.

The Maremma painted and represented by the same name Wine Route, is integrated into its past of wild nature and place of culture and historical depth. The Etruria has left, more than any other age, a permanent imprint in these places. Etruscan land, then, but also of transit and colonization. Of marshy areas that were once heavily, and today offers a wide-ranging tourism.
To tell the Maremma than once today are legends and livestock farming activities. At one time, say the folk songs, to enter in the bitter Maremma was an insidious lottery: the "malaria", in fact, widespread in the area, it was always lurking. A distant memory now, for this lush land and mild climate, defined as "the new frontier of green tourism".

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