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countries and islands

Starting from Manciano, a trip to do in a day, crossing the country Farnese, Ischia of Castro and Valentano. From here begins the territory of Lake Bolsena and its countries: Marta, Capodimonte, Montefiascone and Bolsena and the two islands Martana and Byzantine 
A journey rich in history and archaeology - Among the many tourist attractions include those gender archaeological and cultural; on the shores of the lake have succeeded, in fact, the civilization Villanovian, Etruscan and Roman, while the medieval period, no less important , Has left indelible marks in small towns that surround it


Capodimonte on the picturesque promontory out into the lake, is a charming tourist resort of Lake Bolsena. It rises on a small picturesque peninsula. It has a well-equipped port for sailboats and motor boats which, along the beach is a cause of attraction for an intense summer tourism





Montefiascone -  with the most beautiful landscape of the lake is 590 msl am and stands on a hill highest Monti Volsini, dominating the southeast shore of Lake Bolsena. The climate, history and the amenities of the lake contribute to making it a center for the holidays




Marta - and active main port of Lake, is a typical fishing village. At the visitor offers a discreet medieval village with narrow streets and squares, a quiet lakeside shaded by trees, a long beach and a marina which gives shelter to small vessels and boats to the fishermen.



Bolsena - is a small town that overlooks the eastern shores of Lake. A corner of Italy rich in history, traditions and surrounded by luxuriant nature and still largely untouched, inhabited by a population friendly and hospitable, tenaciously attached to their historical and cultural traditions.




The Island Martana all'abitato placed in front of Martha, at about 2 km, is shaped like crescent representing the emerging middle of a volcanic crater in part sprofondato in the lake. The North side looks like a steep wall overlooking the water, while the South side, is fertile and covered with oaks and olive trees.




The Island Bisentina, attractive and sinuous as a beautiful woman, is an interesting tourist excursion. Almost a virgin nature, composed of dense forests of oaks, with gardens, the charming landscape and numerous monuments, including the Church of Saints James and Christopher, which is characterised by majestic dome, built on a columbarium Etruscan, which rises from a rock overlooking the lake