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Itinerary of the Civilization of "Tuff" (the Etruscan Sovana and Pitigliano)


Along the Fiora Valley civilization was born of the tuff, the main local geological feature that has marked the landscape in an original and unique in the rock deep gorges and villages built entirely in black tufa, clinging to the sides of rugged rocks, dominated by castles , and bell towers, important Etruscan and Roman settlements, as Sovana which is famous for possessing the most beautiful artistic tombs of ancient Etruria.

The area around Sovana, Sorano and Pitigliano is unique landscape features and charm, with entire villages built on the rock overhanging

Pitigliano and Sovana, Sorano together to close, completes the triangle which was fortified by Aldobrandeschis although undoubtedly exceeds the villages close to the spectacular panoramic position: Pitigliano situated on a tufa rock, surrounded by gorges and ravines crossed by the mighty arches of the Roman ends with a beautiful fountain in the main square of the village. It was Etruscan and Roman, Pitigliano stands at the center of an area rich in historical memory from the center branch off the streets in fact caves built by the Etruscans in the rock and still be visited today, and numerous Etruscan necropolis



Sorano small Etruscan settlement survived the Roman conquest, then became part of the possessions of the family who fortified Aldobrandeschis making it virtually impregnable. As evidence of its history remain the mighty fortress and the ways to reach the necropolis excavated by the Etruscans directly into the bare rock: Nestled in a particularly evocative landscape, Sorano still preserves the face and the medieval charm


Sovana ancient capital of Maremma and fierce enemy of Siena, retains much of the buildings created in the Middle Ages, such as the square, the Praetorian Palace and Loggia del Capitano. And 'the wonderful Fortress; although the charm of Sovana breaths especially walking through the streets paved in stone and surrounded by silence. Etruscan city surrounded by magnificent necropolis,

To have left the most striking in the footsteps of their passage were undoubtedly the Etruscans, who in Sovana gave one of the most beautiful cemeteries of Tuscany