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"You, who go traveling around the world go to see wonders high et stunning, come here, where there are horrendous faces, elephants, lions, ogres and dragons"

The so-called Monster Park or Sacred Wood of Bomarzo, in the province of Viterbo is a monument situated on the slopes of a real natural amphitheater.


The park of Monsters was designed and built in the late sixteenth century by Vicino Orsini, architect and patron of the arts with the advice of the architect of the Farnese family, Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola (1507-1573). The prince also disconsolate over the death of his second wife Giulia Farnese, he decided to lighten the weight of his despair planning a suburban park.


This garden of wonders was founded in 1552 as the "Sacred Grove" and is terminated at the death of his patron in 1580.



Our Blog talks about the Maremma but there are many places to visit in the surrounding areas such as the Tuscia and Umbria: among these is worth visiting the Garden of Bomarzo.

From Villa Ivy, our structure to Manciano, in Maremma, Bomarzo is about 80 km doing the route in the direction of Viterbo, passing by the lake of Bolsena (Capodimonte and Marta), then along the highway at Orte.





In the video you can see and appreciate the whole Garden