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Manciano, Province of Grosseto, in the south of Tuscany, at the border with Lazio, in a hill in the Tuscan Maremma, where from the top of the keep, you can admire a breathtaking landscape of the entire Maremma and the whole area tuff, the cradle of the Etruscan civilization.




A 30 km from the Silver Coast. The coastline is rocky at Talamone and be at the headlands of the Argentario and Ansedonia, but wide sandy interested in, from north to south, the Gulf of Telamon, the Beach Osa, the tombolo of Giannella, the tombolo of Feniglia. Among the Giannella and Feniglia there is contained the Orbetello Lagoon




The strategic location of Villa Edera, so central, it allows you to visit, in a day, the cittïà such as Siena (110 km), Florence (180), Rome (170) and Orvieto (65)





Lake Bolsena is 30 km away, a lake in central Italy formed over 300,000 years make. It is the largest volcanic lake in Europe. It has an oval shape, typical for its origin, the two islands, Martana Bisentina and the small but interesting countries of Bolsena, Marta, Capodimonte and Montefiascone. It has a total area of ​​113.5 km ² (fifth in Italian), is located at 305 m above sea level, has a maximum depth of 151 m. Tuscia.


jardin du Tarot


The famous Tarot Garden, "Reality or Fantasy - Art and Culture" in a journey not to be forgotten, to the delight of children and for the interest of adults, is 40 kilometers away and along the way you can also visit the beautiful town of capalbio.





The so-called Monster Park or Sacred Wood of Bomarzo, in the province of Viterbo is a monument situated on the slopes of a real natural amphitheater.
You who wander through the world trips vague to see wonders et stunning high come here, where are horrendous faces, elephants, lions, ogres and dragons "




You can devote a day to learn about the Etruscans of "Civilization del Tufo" in the valley of the river Fiora and the three fascinating countries of Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana Sovana and you can visit the necropolis, with one of the most famous tombs of the Etruscan civilization, the Hildebrand Tomb





You can learn more about the Etruscan people, its history, its origins, its customs, visiting cemeteries and museums of Vulci, Tarquinia and Cerveteri, with more than 1,000 tombs





and even among the many things to see you can make the route "of the Wine Roads of Maremma" and taste its wines DOC been known for throughout



le Golf en Maremma


For those who enjoy the sport of golf, three fields over a 40-km, 18-hole those of Terme di Saturnia 12 km away and Porto Santo Stefano to 40 km and Magliano in Toscana 9-hole 30 km





And also the most important center of the town of Manciano, the famous Terme di Saturnia 15 km, with many swimming pools with water at 37 degrees, the 4-star hotel and spa.





We recommend a free bath in the waterfalls of natural hot "Gorello" to 12 km, known all over the world.





For lovers of nature, "untouched" 40 km, a visit to the Natural Park of Maremma Uccellina Alberese