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The Tuscany  is a major and important Italian regions to the historical, artistic, economic, cultural and landscape.



It is located in central Italy, bordered to the north-west Liguria in the north with the Emilia-Romagna, in the east with the Marche and Umbria, on the south Lazio. To the west, its 397 km of continental coastline are wet from the Ligurian Sea in north-central section between Carrara (border with Liguria) and the Gulf of Baratti; the wet rather Tyrrhenian Sea coastal stretch between the southern promontory of Piombino and mouth of light, which marks the border with Lazio.


The Etruria, the ancient name of Tuscany, was the heart of Etruscan civilization and included almost the entire territory of Tuscany today. Of the rich and prosperous southern city Etruscan remain extraordinary today finds particularly in areas of the Maremma, in the hinterland of Siena and Grosseto. Of exceptional importance are the Etruscan necropolis notable, as Sovana, and Vetulonia Populonia


Tuscany is universally known for its great wealth of monuments and works of art famous all over the world are the cities of Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Siena, less known but not for this "second" centers mentioned above as a monumental wealth are the centers of Arezzo, Pistoia, Massamarittima



Not least are the many smaller, some real historic towns perfectly preserved, guardians of works of art of inestimable value such as Cortona, Pitigliano, Sovana, Saturnia, Pienza and many others. - Tuscany is the Italian region, in 2008, boast the largest number of sites included in the list of World Heritage sites.



The Tourism is a major economic resources of Tuscany. Over 40% of the flow is poured into the seaside resorts and is the emblematic example of the Maremma Grosseto, in the summer months ten times the number of residents. Another significant percentage is given by visitors to the city of art and artistic children, with Florence that exceeds 7 million attendances a year. In recent years there has been very well developed rural tourism which is to be attached to the spa (Chianciano Terme, Montecatini Terme, Saturnia) and the mountains both summer and winter (ski slopes all'Abetone and Monte Amiata).