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During your stay at Villa Edera, your vacation rental in Maremma, can not miss a visit to the Terme di Saturnia and a bath in the famous and fascinating "Falls Hot" Mill


One of the main attractions of our area

photo of the spa with swimming pools


Some photos at the golf course of Terme di Saturnia 



According to a legend, the Terme di Saturnia, also known Etruschi to the Romans, would be formed at the point where the lightning fell on the ground that Jupiter hurled Saturn, missing, following a violent quarrel broke out between the two mythological gods.

The flow rate of the source is about 800 liters per second, which ensures a continuous

The area of ​​Saturnia Spa presents, a freely available and an area where it has developed the famed and luxurious spa of Terme di Saturnia.
The Terme di Saturnia is an attractive spa resort, located in the town of Manchester, a few kilometers from the village of Saturnia

The hot springs of Saturnia is all 'inside of a volcanic crater, from which the water comes out at a temperature of 37 °, with known therapeutic properties, giving relaxation and well-being only to plunge, which goes to feed the many pools of the plant with numerous water games
The water then continues its path, giving rise to a stream, said Gorello, which runs alongside the road for over 600 meters, where you can swim, and continue to form a very impressive waterfall, where the water ends then in the nearby river Starry said.

The falls are called "Falls Mill" because the water flows near an old ruined mill.

I am Iones Pizzetti, the owner of Villa Edera. When I was little, many years back, today I am seventy years, these falls were a destination for us guys where we went cycling and could also swim naked, because there was never anyone.

Today they are known throughout the world and are popular day and night. all year round.

During the summer, especially in August and for the long bridges or weekend is almost impossible to swim, by the number of people, but also because the area where you can bagnasi is very small.
During other periods instead are almost deserted and it is a fascinating experience
In the spa of Saturnia, to take advantage of the pools, they can enter even those who do not reside in the hotel, paying a ticket, the price of which, unfortunately, has greatly increased in recent times.
Fortunately, the Gorello and Falls Mill, are still free, and you do not pay anything, and we hope that it stays that way for a long time, in this magical corner of the Maremma


> Watch the video of Falls Mill